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Phishing database III

Financial & Banking Institutions
Canada Trusth (
Citigroup (
CUA - Credit Union Australia (
UniCredit Banca (
Grupo Banca Carige (
Grupo Banca Popolare Di Bari
Banca Cesare Ponti (
Banca Del Monte Di Luccia (
CRS - Cassa di Risparmio di Savona (
Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara (
Poste Italiane (
Santander (

In the domain climbed several packages of phishing through a shell. Besides HSBC phishing pack, found others to CIBS and ING Direct.

ING Direct (
Lloyds TSB (
Wachovia (
Bank of America (
J.P.Morgan (
egg (,00.html
InterSwitch (
MoneyGram (
Discover (

Electronic Commerce
Amazon (
PayPal (
Capitalone (

Government Services
IRS - Internal Revenue Service (
HMRC - HM Revenue & Customs (

Online Games
World of Warcraft (

Zynga Poker (

Social Networking
Hi5 (
MySpace (
Orkut (
Facebook (
Xbox Live (

Yahoo (
Windows Live (
AOL Mail (
AIM Express (

File Hosting
Rapidshare (
Hotfile (

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Jorge Mieres

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