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myLoader. Framework for the management of botnets

myLoader is another alternative with which cyber criminals have for the management and administration of botnets. Its lifetime is about one semester, but most activity is being managed in the last month of the first quarter of 2010.

It has a minimalist interface but with gathering data that is returned in an orderly manner through intuitive graphical whereby we obtain the state of the controlled botnet.

In this case, it's a botnet zombies early 1922 that has recruited, of which 299 were active. However, we found several that have a large amount of zombies.

Regardless of the premature activity of this crimeware, the truth is that is a clear example of the real extent of the fraudulent business at present is in hiding underground.

The crimeware is sold in the market for under $ 700.

Currently myLoader framework is being used to propagate trojan Oficla, also known as Sasfis.

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