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Facebook & VISA phishing campaign proposed by ZeuS

Updated 21.02.2010
More active domains belonging to the same phishing campaign against users of VISA. The domains are:

Original 20.02.2010
ZeuS has a fairly large repertoire with proposed strategies to Scam to spread their trojan and phishing attacks against banks, many companies and well known.

We have recently warned of a campaign Scam using as cover to the IRS, which has been generating a long time but every so often is reactivated, forming a cycle that seeks to disseminate criminal ZeuS and that holds for all strategies.

Now, once again active phishing campaign that involves Facebook.

The domains involved are:

Like other campaigns, the page's source code has injected a tag iframe, which in this case redirects to hxxp://

This page (in.php) redirection to:

From whom are trying to exploit some exploits: CVE-2007-5659, CVE-2008-2992, CVE-2008-0015 and CVE-2009-0927.

This server is also currently serving another massive campaign, but spreading the trojan ZeuS through a Scam IRS. In this case, just change the folder where the package is housed, namely: hxxp://

As we see, Zeus does not stop at his criminal career. In fact, there are also other campaigns more active, such as those involving a phishing attack by hiding under the VISA logo.

In this case, other domains used are:

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