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Besouro film website violated, PayPal phishing attacks

The website of the Brazilian film tells the story of capoeirista Besouro, very good by the way :-), has been violated and contains a clone of the PayPal website.

Previously we mentioned that the website Hooters Germany had been the victim of a similar attack.

In this case, as we see, the site has set up a blog on WordPress and this is perhaps the weak point through which managed to upload illegal content.

The truth is that a phishing attack has against PayPal, whose image is described below:

Although the site has no content other than phishing malignant in question, it means that the attacker was not able to host malicious code or packages also phishing against other entities.

For this reason it's essential to check the security arrangements and make regular site audits to detect in advance the harmful activities of this style.

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Jorge Mieres

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