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Phishing Database V

Financial and banking institutions
HSBC (;js/Register%20forInternetBanking/IBlogin.html;jsessionid=0000tva9NQkofu4NIM7pUel5Tvn11j5bfvduIDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/index.html;jsessionid=0000BZUYYF_dAUw4Iqqlvb4F3RR/index.php;jsessionid=0000tva9NQkofu4NIM7pUel5Tvn11j5bfvduIDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/index.html;jsessionid=0000tva9NQkofu4NIM7pUel5Tvn11j5bfvduIDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/index.html;jsessionid=0000tva9NQkofu4NIM7pUel5Tvn11j5bfvduIDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/index.html;jsessionid=0000tva9NQkofu4NIM7pUel5Tvn11j5bfvduIDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/index.html;jsessionid=0000tva9NQkofu4NIM7pUel5Tvn11j5bfvduIDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/index.html;jsessionid=0000tva9NQkofu4NIM7pUel5Tvn11j5bfvduIDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/index.html

ICICI Bank (

Banco Do Brasil (

Bradesco (

NAB - National Australia Bank (


Bank of America (

Wells Fargo (

ING Direct (

KeyBank (

MasterCard (

NedBank (

FNB - Fist National Bank (
The same website contains another phishing package but oriented to another bank in South Africa: FNB.

Standard Bank (

Poste Italiane

CartaSI (

Interbank (

SunTrust (

National City (

egg (

PayPal (

eBay (

Online Games
World of Warcraft (

Social Networks
Orkut (

Facebook (

Web Mail
Windows Live (

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Jorge Mieres

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