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Phishing campaign aimed at players Zynga

Zynga is a virtual game developer that has a wide repertoire of games in flash, allowing fun with them even through some social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Tagged, among others.

Recently Zynga image is being used as a phishing campaign animation using as cover some of the games that the company offers.

The domains involved in the campaign are:

The structure of each folder containing the files used during the process comprises files Fraud login_failed.php, logs.php, search.php, succes.html and two files with the .txt file in which data are recorded stolen in clear text.

The file succes.html is called from logs.php file and contains two exploits for the vulnerabilities described in CVE-2008-2463 (Office Snapshot Viewer) and CVE-2008-0015 (MsVidCtl Overflow).

On the other hand, contains a Drive-by-Download through an iframe tag that redirects to spl=pdf_ie2 from where you download a pdf file detected for 50% of the antivirus engines offered by the VirusTotal service, and whose md5 is 47ea66b43e25169e6bb256e000a16ffd. In addition, download the file load.exe (c2a41abc43dd0bcf98ae07315eb4c6f6). In this case, detected by 90%.

Both files are located In-the-Wild and part of a pack known as exploit version 1.2: Eleonore Exploit Pack.

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Jorge Mieres

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