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Zeus and the theft of sensitive information

In light of all the recent financal trojans here are two examples of what ZeuS-bots have modules for. These modules are recording form info and keystrokes from user' logging into Bank of America and Paypal. Both of these screenshots are examples of the capabilities of the newer ZeuS-bots out there.

This and keylogging opens the bank vault for these organized groups operating around the world. Here is the gateway that enables them to wire-transfere your money to money-mule networks and back to them.

The features shown here along with keylogging that is transmitted back to the C&C's opens many doors for espionage. These trojans open the floodgates.

To see examples of what they and others have done see Brian Krebs blog which covers among other things Remote Access Trojans (RAT) and online bank theft.

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Ben Koehl
Crimeware Researcher in Malware Intelligence

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