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YES Exploit System. Official Business Partner’s

Undoubtedly, the business that is currently crimeware expands every day. Not only this aspect is reflected in the professionalization on the development and operation of various computer applications and technologies used to commit crimes and attacks via web, but also on sales strategies that are used to channel the attention of a greater volume of restless minds, who collect stealing money from others on a foundation of business, a botnet.

While even 90% of the sale of crimeware takes place in an environment where supply is underground proposal directly by the creator of crimeware, cyber-criminals are taking their business to a level underground "clearer" and "more high", publicizing their developments through websites designed exclusively to offer their "services" but through" business partners" to ensure the logistics of the case.

In early 2009 we mentioned the case of the sale via the web, Unique Sploit Pack, one of the general purpose exploit pack currently most in demand, whose commerce website was online a while until I was discharged just because it's a crimeware.

However, this strategy in marketing, sales increased again to the plane of the hand of YES Exploit Pack, one of the most active crimeware today.

Under the slogan "Improve your business with YES Exploit System. Exploit Pack from Russia" proposed sale of version 2 of this exploit pack through a website registered in Russia.

The propaganda campaign (marketing strategy) from the website is to explain briefly what are the salient features of crimeware, by way of justifying why it's better than other packages on your style (the competition). It costs USD 800 and the transaction is done, as is typically done via WebMoney.

The crimeware business expands its logistical and this obviously is a true test that shows the evolution of a black market, or not so secret, not only whose challenges lie in seeking technical alternatives that can evade the mechanisms of analysis.

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