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Napoleon Sploit. Frameware Exploit Pack

This is the first release of an exploit pack to monitor a particular purpose botnets alled Napoleon Sploit, which launched the underground market crimeware in August 2009.

Due to his premature and low status of "complex Exploit Pack" when compared with others of its style, is low cost and in fact had no impact on the underground circuit sales, although it's still for sale at a cost USD 299 can obtain important updates for USD 35 plus.

As we see in the image, its interface is very simple and minimalist. Only has two modules (statistical and configuration) plus panel authentication (login via web), and according to its author, the style of light colors crimeware is designed to not cause fatigue in the light of cybercriminals, "future clients".

(No words, but I expect opinions on this). The following image belongs to the control panel.

The Exploit pack is designed to exploit specific vulnerabilities according to the following exploits:
  • MDAC - IE5, IE6
  • Opera Telnet - Opera 9.00 - 9.27
  • PDF Util.Printf - PDF Adobe Reader 8.1.2
  • PDF Collab.Geticon PDF Util.Printf - Adobe Reader & Acrobat > 8.1.2
One detail that I can not pass is that crimeware is the ancestor of Siberia Exploit Pack, other particular purpose web application developed by the same author Napoleon Sploit, who is In-The-Wild.

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