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Unique Sploits Pack. Crimeware to automate the exploitation of vulnerabilities

The development of automated tools to commit other criminal acts and/or malware (crimeware) is another of the many businesses that are established around the dark world, and not so dark as computer.

Unique Sploit Pack is another example. A Russian source package designed to allow different exploit vulnerabilities in many of the most used applications by users at a price of USD 600, plus USD 100 each update.

Packages that include Unique Sploit Pack are:
  • Exploits for MDAC (recently updated) Office (updated) and others that provide the basis of samples for Internet Explorer since version 4 through 7, Opera 9 and Firefox.
  • Exploit for Adobe Reader. Vulnerability CVE-2008-2992.
  • PDF Exploits for SPL (v.8.1.2 vulnerability from 05 November 2008) for improved performance through Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.
  • Exploit for the web browser Amaya 11.
  • Module that provides a vulnerable version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Module "mod_vparivatel" designed to exploit the human factor through social engineering trying to get users to download malicious code.
  • Module "vparivate" that tries to infect the computers of potential victims by deploying social engineering to download a fake antivirus (scareware).
  • Encryption module. Optional for USD 50.
According to the creators of the package "By purchasing this product, you are solely responsible for its use and the consequences that may occur as a result of the use of the product with evil intentions or bad intentions, or as a result of violations of the rules for its operation. The author does not allow the deployment of scripts in the public spaces of the Internet, limiting their own use environments, virtual machines, and within the test lab network. WARNING Use of this software product with the order to carry malicious criminal liability under Penal Code articles!"

This type of applications provides a solid basis for the attack by malware because each exploits, modules and scripts that comprise it, are intentionally created to allow execution of binary code and arbitrarily on victim machines.

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