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A recent tour of scareware V

More and more malware flow rate scareware, or rogue, that plague Internet deplegable strategies increasingly elaborate deception, and which code is constantly subject to manipulation by their creators entorpedecer detection by companies AV.

Some of the scareware who met during the last month are:

Antivirus 2009 Protection
MD5: fc6d3c36579907e3234d11e45aaff32e

Russian Federation Russian Federation Ural Industrial Company Limited

Platform: Windows

Domain Associates

bestantcomputerprotection. com

VT Report: 30/ 39 (76.93%)

Filter Spyware
MD5: 43aab2992405b0aefd7f895ceb3051b6

Estonia Tallinn Estonia Starline Web Services

Platform: Windows

Domain Associates

com,,,, spywarefighter2009. com,,,, searchmysites. com,, spylee. com

VT Report: 3/ 39 (7.7%)

Malware Defender 2009
MD5: afdff49097316d0a3e1b5c518c308f84

Ukraine Ukraine Olexij Khrenov

Platform: Windows

Domain Associates
com, systemguard2009. com, systemguard2009m. com

VT Report: 32/ 40 (80.00%)

Win PC Defender
(Cloning of Police XP Antivirus)

MD5: b6bc68b2343669779ac8097b8ab1fd21
Netherlands Netherlands Rotterdam Interactive 3d
Platform: Windows
Domain Associates,,, rakompoporyadkunazaryadku. com, iloveyourbrain. com, loyaltube. com, loyaltube09. com, loyaltube10. com, setupdatdownload. com, velzevuladmin. com, xp-police-09. com, xp-police-2009. com, xp-antivirus-police. com, xp-police-av. com, xp-police-engine. com

VT Report: 18/ 39 (46.15%)

Search and Destroy
MD5: 8fb526b68a826cd3c87f0bf39a22c8df
IP: 68,178,212,133

United States United States Scottsdale Inc

Platform: Windows
Domain Associates
search-and-destroy. com

SysCleaner Pro
MD5: 243062dfaaa21513cee37d14351b4644
United States United States Scranton Network Operations Center Inc

Platform: Windows
Domain Associates
syscleanerpro. com, system-cleanerpro. com,, totalantispyware. net, totalantispyware2009. com

VT Report: 1/ 39 (2.57%)

Spy Fighter
United States Texas - Dallas - Internet Services Inc
Platform: Windows

Domain Associates
spy-fighter. com

11ox. Com
1getcarinsurance. Info

Renus 2008
MD5: da071a820af815e85ddded315d5cd919
United Kingdom United Kingdom Real International Business Corp
Platform: Windows
Domain Associates
renus2008. com, byboard. com, Intop. name, katorga. com, ru

VT Report: 23/ 39 (58.97%)

Antivirus Agent Pro
MD5: ddf7db23b6f4b4db13cfd07da733a7e7
United States Florida - Crystal River - Ispsystem At Birth
Platform: Windows
Domain Associates
avagentpro. com

VT Report: 19/ 39 (48.72%)

In each of the cases submitted, add the respective domains associated with each scareware. This information is useful for blocking malicious domains.

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