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Phishing Kit automatic spammers creator

Cyber-crime is on the agenda and computer criminals deposit all their efforts on more sophisticated strategies and automate their criminal to continue feeding the entire network of criminals who stick to the profits at the expense of users.

One of the most common scams today are phishing attacks where one of the methods commonly used is the cloning sites of financial institutions and banks looking to get sensitive data through deception exposed on the weaknesses of the human factor.

However, the cloning sites isn't always limited to pages similar to the real banks but also can point your gun at famous and popular sites as we saw in previous post.

Now the question is how do you manage to automate the creation of fake pages?

Clearly, the answer round on software that allows creating them so easy and simple as it belongs to the following interface.

These programs allow for the cloning of a page with minimal effort that is embodied in the simple act of copying the source code for the real web, pass the program and make two clicks to get the fraudulent site, offering the possibility of "playing" the code and adapt it to the benefit we find the attacker.

In this way manage to get the file structure that we discussed days ago with the creation of a plain text file and login.php, getting results like this then spread through social engineering.

Very similar to a legitimate site where practically very difficult to detect deception for users less experienced in this type of criminal strategies.

Moreover, this is a latent risk because in this way, commit fraud in this style isn't limited to possess advanced knowledge of computers but only enough for a person to know copy and paste to get, as their fraudulent site in minutes.

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