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A recent tour of scareware II

This type of malware is increasingly common and avail themselves of numerous methods of deception (social engineering) to capture the attention of users. On the other hand, are constantly manipulated to increase its life cycle and avoid detection by antivirus companies.

Some are much more harmful than others, and use "forms" more aggressive to frighten their victims. Let's make a second pass through the srgió scareware that during the week:

Antivirus Plus
VT Report: Result: 21/ 37 (56.76%)

Spy Protector

VT Report: Result: 18/ 37 (48.65%)

Antivirus 2009

MD5: cb1b2b84ca04259c7d3197d1baca2cbb
VT Report: Result: 3/ 39 (7.69%)

Pro Antispyware 2009

MD5: 6c02aba11dac9fbd923da981f567c19c
VT Report: Result: 6/ 38 (15.79%)

Real Antivirus

MD5: 2a3da028735228b5e7ce91f9fda301e2
VT Report: Result: 22/ 39 (56.42%)

Protect Spyware 2009

VT Report: Result: 21/ 39 (53.85%)

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A recent tour of scareware

Jorge Mieres

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