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New strategy to disseminate scareware IS

IE Defender is one among many false security programs (scareware, also called rogue) that constantly bombard users with intent to infect their computers through Web sites that pretend to be legitimate.

However, there are detecting new strategies for dissemination and deceit don't share the same methodology for download from the same website scareware, but who seek to trick users to achieve their goals, in this case, IE Defender is being spread to through websites that promise to download mp3 music and movies.

In either case, you download the album or movie downloads but promised one of the variants in the family of IE Defender.

All pages used to spread threats share the same IP address ( for Download:

free-games-rapidshare. com
movie-rapidshare. com
moviesrapidshare. org
music-rapidshare. com
musicrapidshare. org
warez-catalog. com
movie-megaupload. com
cpmusicpub. com
soft-rapidshare. net
softrapidshare. com
softrapidshare. org
ftp-warez. org
extra-turbo. com
softupdate09. com
cpmusicpub. com
free-full. com

A minor detail not identifying these malicious sites is that they simulate almost all pages hosted on sites that allow you to store files like Megaupload, Rapidshare or directly, sites designed for downloading warez.

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Jorge Mieres

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