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Malware preinstalled

With the caption "You've been iframe", "You've been iframe" or something similar, under the main title, I read a story in The Register about the apparent spread of malware by the Samsung company, through a CD .

According to the source of information mentioned above, this is a digital picture frame, just the model SPF-85H 8-inch Digital Photo Frame, which included photo management program on the CD that accompanies the device, would be infected with malicious code.

In this case, the infection would be caused by a variant of the virus family Sality a very dangerous malware has polymorphic capabilities and seeks to infect the executable files it finds on the victim system.

According to the same company Samsung, the problem "only" would be limited to infection on Windows XP and although the infected "only" this platform remains an important filter, not a minor problem and should be minimized as it tries to from the website of Samsung, has actually published a small guide for disinfection.

Many devices such as MP3 players and GPS have had problems like this, even some PC's as if the Eee Box mini PC from Asus or Lenovo recently I read some time ago in Blog virusattack.

While such events are not new at this point in the digital age, is a really worrying considering that more and more devices with a malicious program committed before reaching the end user, and shows clearly that poor quality control that make some companies beyond outsourced services that have the responsibility to convey confidence to users and maintain the "electronic security" falls neatly into the company itself.

Jorge Mieres

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