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Criminal activities from BKCNET “SIA” IZZI / ATECH-SAGADE - Part one

BKCNET "SIA" IZZI, also known as or simply ATECH-SAGADE is an AS (Autonomous System) numbers in 6851, currently is one of the most active of crimeware through which are distributed daily a large amount of malicious code , besides being the control base for the accommodation of several C&C which feed the underground economy.

Your geolocation is in Latvia and, as I mentioned on another occasion, "This ASN is listed as a server of criminal activities such as spread of different families of rogue, hosting crimeware as YES Exploit System, in 2009 I host the strategies Waledac botnet (Storm successor), also to ZeuS and to have direct relationship with the criminals who are behind the botnet Koobface maneuvers".

Today, most malware that spread through the resources supported by BSI (BKCNET "SIA" IZZI) make the maneuver which supports management for affiliate systems, precisely, to increase profits for criminals through the success of successful infections.

The following evidence is left AS6851 activities in the range of IP's and chipboard from to date August 14, 2010 (in red history), responding to malicious maneuvers.

English version
Spanish version

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Someone is using that IP to try to access Skype and send messages to that IP.

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