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Black Software. New affiliate business type Pay-per-Install

The business model that represent the affiliate programs through systems of the type Pay-per-Install is in full swing, being a fundamental part of criminal groups seeking to increase their economy.

In this case, we have a new affiliate program called Black Software, which promotes the discharge of malware.

Black Software Access Panel
This is a simple authentication process and conventional and password required

The program is of Russian origin and according to his IP address is based in the Netherlands. He began his business proposal in late August 2010 and has a mechanism by which each member must configure some information to get the URL needed to start the business.

Black Software Guide
This guide provides information on how to properly configure the data needed to obtain the URL, along with a brief FAQ

As usual, the registration process requires a series of information that allow to those who are behind the affiliate system, validating the potential customer and avoid potential infiltration.

It also has a statistics module whereby members check their status every 15 minutes is updated by the system administrator can view information relating to each download.

Statistical Module
Whereby the affiliate system provides the information necessary for each "customer" can check your account status

Payment is made weekly and for those accounts that have a significant revenue stream, it's optional to establish at what point do you want to be paid for criminal activities through this web application performs.

Black Software is conventional and does not have a differentiating factor from other affiliate programs to your style, and yet has a high percentage of activities, perhaps because of their status as "new" in the criminal environment and, therefore, not so known.

However, is another resource available to those who daily feed their economy through fraudulent and criminal proceedings.

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