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PayPal phishing campaign by "Newbie Hacker Community"

Phishing attacks are increasingly common and are no longer confined as in the beginning to use as cover only banks, and any service offered over the Internet and requires username and password, sooner or later will be grounds target for criminals.

PayPal isn't a new service and was one of the first to offer e-commerce services, whose image is one of the most commonly used for phishing. Starting today, July 4 (Independence Day U.S.) has been active phishing a massive campaign against PayPal.

Some of the addresses used are:

Behind these attacks was a group of criminals who under the name "Newbie Hacker Community" is the campaign against phishing.

The Defacing seen in the image is as a seal of the executives in each of the sites involved which holds the fake PayPal page along with the fraudulent file package.

Updated 04.07.2010
New active domains. Unlike the first "litter" of vulnerable sites, in this case the phishing package is housed in the folder /~radiocon/ and all they implanted a backdoor (PHP Shell) through uk.php file.

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