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Campaign phishing to Claro Argentina

Currently running a major phishing campaign aimed at users in Argentina who use the services of the mobile phone company Claro. The following image is a screenshot of the attack:

The strategy is the user trying to deposit the information in your credit card in the fraudulent when you want to buy credits on your cell phone.

When the user falls into the trap and supposedly when processing the information, a message appears, as shown in the image below, through which indicates that the operation could not be processed, thus closing the cycle of attack.

However, the attacker leaves the door open for unsuspecting users, seeing that the operation was allegedly hit by a problem between the bank and the credit card data, the transaction can try again but with another credit card.

For this campaign is hosting the servers fraudulent material infringed, but also are registering domains, to customize the type and segment the attack only to users of Argentina.

No doubt any kind of service that is offered through the Internet and involves an authentication process or request private information from users, represents a potential target for phishing strategies, as currently this attack isn't limited to obtain information such as bank.

Therefore, the recommendation for users of course in Argentina is that when accessing this service, check the web address to which they are accessing.

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Jorge Mieres

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