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Testimonials scareware and credibility strategy

One of the strategies used by the propagators of scareware (rogue) is trying to attract users' confidence through "evidence" allegedly made by people who have already acquired the "solution" and that they express through his "great satisfaction by the same".

Yet we know very well that only part of a scam that seeks to complement the overall strategy of propagation/infection, and that if we install this program we will end the system infected by a scareware. Therefore, don't you wonder who are those who assert the efficacy of this fake antivirus tool?

Depending on the image, where each phrase appears under the assumed name (incomplete) of being responsible for it, perhaps we can deduce that it's ladies and gentlemen:

• Dave C. = Dave Conficker
• Beth P. = Beth Phoenix
• Lisa W. = Lisa Waledac
• Melissa H. = Melissa Hupigon
• Paul M. = Paul Mebroot
• Jason C. = Jason Crum
• Pat J. = Pat Justexploit
• Matt E. = Matt Eleonore
• Roger F. = Roger Fragus
• Sam P. = Sam Piosonivy
• Jamie V. = Jaime Virut
• Tracey K. = Tracey Koobface
• Brian A. = Brian Adrenaline
• Sally V. = Sally Virtumonde
• John R. = John Ransomware
• Lauren R. = Lauren Rustock

Malware always taking "personality" as a strategy and coverage where they could only rave about a colleague fraudulent ;-P

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Jorge Mieres

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