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Strategies of deception, spam and malicious code

The spam is the means used by spammers to feed fraudulent industry that saturates everyday mailbox of any user who has an account.

It's estimated that over 95% of e-mail circulating the Internet is spam. A percentage really important that any statistics related aside reflecting that, obviously, is a fundamental piece of the vicious circle that represents the current malware industry.

Spam is a part that helps close the fraudulent and malicious circuit which is part whole tangle of malicious programs and activities such as social engineering aggressive strategies that seek to recruit zombie PCs through the dissemination of different malicious code to be responsible to continue the chain propagation, not only malware but also more and more spam.

Near the celebration of Valentine's Day (Valentine), in recent days, a large percentage of deception strategies for the dissemination of spam, is based precisely on this day.

The issue is that this massive spread of spam, serves not only to deliver advertising is not required but much more serious, for the propagación malware. As is the case of the casino site that appears in the following screen:

When the user accesses try to download a binary file called SmartDownload.exe which is a malicious code.

Another alternative is, once the computer has been compromised, begins using the victim's system as a bridge to continue the chain of propagation of spam, such as waledac, who infect the system begins to spread the following spam:

Or this, always alluding to Valentine's Day, both in body and in the subject line:

Some of the domains used for the propagation of this type of advertising are:

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smilesfinger. com
tenaciouschance. com
abilityrefreshing. com
nicemeek. com
radiantglad. com
wiseradiant. com
smashingfantastic. com
uniqueflip. com
heartapproachable. com
excitingtolerant. com
findfoolproof. com
honorableabove. com
windowsilver. com
enkindledtrust. com
warmpeak. com
droolbits. com
swellspeed. com
brieftangy. com
sil.ebnowx. cn
slzi.ebnowx. cn
treatloyal. com
quietjust. com
excellentspeak. com
reapquiet. com
timelessline. com
vigilantbought. com
rightplump. com
gda.ebmostx. cn
gdw.ebmostx. cn
tzt.ebmostx. cn
twc.ebmostx. cn
excitelucid. com
spicyhardy. com
clearkind. com
soxj.ebnational. cn
sfu.ebnational. cn
deluxesugar. com
winnerbegan. com
dynamicstrong. com
helddedicated. com
weighlossforidiotssfeb. net
respectgoaloriented. com
silverfriendly. com
leadsillustrious. com
distinctiveequitable. com
kwas.odcon. cn
khpo.odcon. cn
rtf.odconclud. cn
rhct.odconclud. cn
dotpufey. cn
kazwebix. cn

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xgertjoi. cn / a
djxzdae. cn / a
aleloi. cn / a
saglikop. cn
relaxawake. com
ckiiiaa. cn
qorfiyin. cn
wezzoqoc. cn
bfkchjla.yanpusbiet. net /? degimaxwvuqqybfkzvpchjl
rohyogel. cn
tuvb.hogrimew. cn
bmd.midrizep. cn
pcyxl.nazzeciv. cn
wireschool. com
repentantfair. com
gowloroj. cn

Spam is a problem for both home users and for companies of any manitud and its existence is a consequence of a trivial issue in the commercial field as is the supply and demand.

Jorge Mieres

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