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Phishing Kit In-the-Wild for cloning website, version 2

A few days ago telling them that it's active phishing package that contains files of cloned websites well known and heavily used by users ready to be exploited.

This package has expanded its "coverage" of fraud, offering a second package with another large quantity of fake websites that seek to be transparent to the user and obtain information.

Phishing kit keeps the same strategy of spreading the previous pack, ie a file index.html that is a true copy of the actual page, a login.php and a .txt, but not cloning proposals to steal data:

Adult Friend Finder
Playstation Underground
Tripod - Lycos
XTube - A Broken Images

On the one hand, strategies that seek to obtain money without greater efforts are becoming more aggressive and more invasive, and on the other, most of these kits are available online for free or on payment, in this case, a sum of money not as high as with similar pack.

Phishing attacks are becoming more dangerous because their creators seek development effectiveness in order to provide the copy is as faithful as possible to the real.

This poses a potential risk associated with the combination with intrusive techniques such as malware kit (ElFiesta, MPack, IcePack, etc.), are implanted in ghosts or violated servers to spread phishing, is becoming increasingly dangerous for those unknown, even to those who know well, the operation of these attack techniques.

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Phishing Kit In-the-Wild for cloning websites

Jorge Mieres

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Anonymous said...

Malware implanted on a website?
Dear below web page.

Cookies can be put into your computer from the page you visit by advertisers you don’t want. Advertisers supporter by BP for example.

While using my Library Computer I found in my Kingstone memory stick this web site which was located in the Trashes folder of Kingstone stick.

I tried to find out what the above trash folder cookie, malware was? But had to solution.
This web page is my complaint about my Library which might have had it done and why.
Can anyone help?

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

Anonymous said...

More reason to think Library is stop my home computer from working correctly?

Carl G. Mueller, Nam68

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