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Hybrid Botnet Control System. Development http bot in perl

The development of crimeware is increasingly open. Its creators are constantly searching for malware implement in the evasive mechanisms increasingly effective with minimal resource impact on the team not only arbitrary but also controlled the servers that host them, and there are now a range of alternatives ranging from really important "products" payments to free.

In this sense, at some point mentioned by the Open Source development of crimeware where told about the creation of two parallel projects, and while not seeking to complex applications have two striking features.

First, download is free, which means that the concept adopted in the application can be extended (or "improved" its author would say) for other developers by adding more complex functionalities.

On the other hand, doesn't fall (first instance) in the clandestine market cycle crimeware marketing and, in the particular case of Hybrid Botnet Control System and unlike web applications this way, the bot is written in Perl something unusual (in fact I think if it's not the first one).

Furthermore, it's basically similar to any of the alternatives available on the black market. That is, the administration panel is via the web, written in PHP and the database is stored in a MySQL.

Another common feature is that generally the development and marketing of solutions designed for the control and management (C&C) of botnets has its birthplace in countries like Russia, and though the control panel via Hybrid web is based on one of the first applications of Russian origin who introduced the concept of administration via http called Black Energy (who owns the capture showing the authentication system), it seems that your database development isn't Eastern Europe.

Anyway, whatever the origin of their development, these activities do nothing to help increase the income of cyber-criminals and feed the cycle entrenched criminal under the concept of crimeware, marking a trend difficult to stop due to range of alternatives that can be implemented and implemented through such initiatives.

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