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Google Groups again used to spread pornographic spam

Spamming techniques are becoming more aggressive and spammers, so to continue the financial industry that is behind the unsolicited advertising, focus all its efforts to seek "alternatives" bypas enable authentication mechanisms implemented in the webmail servers.

Consequently, in recent days, the boxes of millions of users have been bombarded by a significant amount of spam under alluding to matters erotic and pornographic videos of celebrities, use the Google service to disseminate pornographic spam group.

Some of the phrases used in the case to capture the attention of the users are:

Hey! It is Erica. Want to date?

Hi! This is Dana from last Monday video shoot.
It is Standard. Could not reach you.

Jessica Alba was caught naked in a sauna!

Jennifer Aniston was caught naked in a sauna!

Jennifer Love Hewitt's nude beach photos!

Cameron Diaz's nude beach photos!

Denise Richards's fitting room hidden pics!

Shakira and her mystery boyfriend pics!

Hi! It is Deena. Fresh legal teens who just got to pose.

Hi! This is Amelia. Fresh legal teens who just got to pose.

On the other hand, some of the profiles used in the service in question are: xblsdmz
http : / /

The list is really long enough to reflect each of the addresses in this post, however, the examples are enough to get a feel focused enough to understand that spam is a problem that affects everyone equally and that the Today business is one of the most exploited.

Jorge Mieres

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