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See you soon Jorge Mieres!

As many readers know, this means of information read at this time, was founded by Jorge Mieres in 2006. What you may not know is that several months ago, Jorge has decided to move away from the front of MalwareIntelligence, leaving us with complete confidence (one of the many qualities and characteristics of Jorge) the command of his legacy.

For this reason, and through these few words, we want to thank not only the possibility of allowing us to continue with its philosophy that is the essence of MalwareIntelligence, which no doubt has become a means of informing local and uncontested global on everything related to crimeware and botnets activities, but also by the amount of information who selflessly shared with the community safety through this forever your blog :D, its quality as a person and, above all things, for his admirable humility.

Surely Jorge will continue to share things from their personal blog or catharsis as he always called :D, so I'm sure you will find it there :)

Thank you Jorge!
MalwareIntelligence Team

4 comentarios:

Zuk said...

Thanks Jorge, Keep in touch :)

Bart said...

Thank you Jorge for all your work for Malware Intelligence and the other blogs.

Best of luck and we'll keep in touch :) !

Haren Bhatt said...

Learned a lot...More to learn
Thanks Jorge...

Jorge Mieres said...

Wow! boys, thank you so much for this words!
I drop a tear :)
Thanks again!

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