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Eleonore Exploit Pack. New version

Without functional alternatives to renew in the package, a new version of crimeware Eleonore Exploit Pack. This is the version 1.4.4mod.

Acces panel of Eleonore Exploit Pack 1.4.4mod

While this version of crimeware is positioned as part of a set of alternatives whose number is constantly increasing due to the large range that currently exists in the area of crime, isn't very viable option for criminals. And indeed, this particular version, parearía not have more important features that are not in previous versions.

Advertising package in underground forum

As shown in the image, incorporating a total of 16 exploits that have a high percentage of successful exploitation globally. However, although this particular version is no cause for alarm or research for security professionals, criminal activities generated by Eleonore Exploits Pack manifest daily, being the most used version 1.3.

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