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State of the art in Phoenix Exploit's Kit

Criminal alternatives grow very fast in an ecosystem where day to day business opportunities are conceived through fraudulent processes. In this sense, the demand for resources for the cyber criminal isn't expected and is constantly growing.

Generally I find new crimeware looking to get a place and a good acceptance in the virtual streets of the world underground, trying to reflect a balance on the cost/benefit of the "product" promoted, that allows criminals to enter the market as quickly as possible.

Similarly, crimeware already accepted in the well-known circuit and updated looking to optimize their "quality of service." Phoenix Exploit's Kit, despite its minimalist state compared to others in its style, is one of the most active malicious crimeware today.

This paper presents a series of data on criminal activities and fraud carried out using Phoenix Exploit's Kit as channel management, how often the cycle of criminal business on this crimeware and what are the exploits found in its different versions.

Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v2.3r
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v2.3
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v2.21
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v2.2
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v2.1
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v2.0
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v1.4
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v1.31
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v1.3
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v1.2
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v1.1
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v1.0
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit v1.0beta

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