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BlackHat SEO Campaign for the thirtieth anniversary of PAC-MAN

Recently, the legendary video game PAC-MAN has completed 30 years of existence and Google has launched a campaign in his honor by placing a banner that allows even play.

However, Google not only benefits from this but also cyber-criminals, who saw in this campaign a new opportunity to attack and have launched another campaign, but the spread of malware through BlackHat SEO (also called SEO Poisoning).

Some other search parameters may include:

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Traffic redirected to the download of scareware. In this case, a binary md5 4c9ac21a2730a5e6d8c8018afb517d5e which has a very low detection rate: 6/41 (14.63%).

Among the domains that involves the campaign are:

To achieve massify the campaign and get a good PageRank in Google, criminals violated a server hosted on a list of web pages with the titles which make up words that are the subject of regular search. These files are located in a hidden folder, often called the ".files"

Under this scenario, taking into account that these strategies are widely used for the propagation of malware, a good practice is to verify at the root of posting the existence of hidden folders.

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