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Open Source Development Botnets. "My last words?

Those who read the post about the project called crimeware Quad System, recall that between paragraphs said not knowing the cost of private version of this application for the control of botnets, for Windows platforms to GNU/Linux platforms.

The thing is ... for things of life itself ... the developer of these particular projects designed in Perl, called cross, was finished with his exploits reproaching himself with the closure of its website; expressing, through it, the motivations that led to his "violent" decision, and which show in the following screen:

However, after several days (perhapsmeditation), it was decided to return to your old tricks again making provision for teaching an array of applications for the control of botnets, or what is now synonymous, crimeware.

The new interface in their web is:

A curious fact, that like the rest of the post is unrelated technical aspects of information security is the introduction to the concept of "irony" that arises in the index is it ironic that feels its proposals in collaborative crime area?

Anyway, the guy still seems angry ... "with security professionals?... new interface as follows writes:

"... This site is dedicated to my projects and only my projects. Long time ago here you could find some more information, but currently, I do not give a shit about Providing any kind of information.

Besides, well, WTF? xD Something about me: I am the only one who is somehow keeping this site online and alive, taking care of it well, not much to take care of.
What you can find here: some useless shit - my small projects. Well, I know no one gives a fuck, me neither - I place them here and here they are to stay, you like it or not. So, no fun in here: D

Fuck ... and who is that idiot found this fucked up god forsaken piece of shit? LULZ xD and LOL xD As you can see I keep my head up and travel through life with a smile on my face and damn bitching is not giving a fuck, man.

So you'll ask what a damn pepper should be of me, starting with such introduction? Well, I'm the man, say, cross is in the house babe xD
Anyways, just fuck it. You got here my projects, I will put some new here too. Like once in a year. Some new papers Blah ... maybe if I will have some good mood for writing or I will be drunk as hell to believe in it. Hah ... Whatevah ... "

Despite that, this "subtle" character, apparently hardened Perl programmer, has some interesting things like a GUI for Nikto :-)

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Jorge Mieres

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