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Malware for dummies

On several occasions I have read news about supposedly innovative tools and relatively recent appearance malicious code that can be generated automatically, without the effort than the mere fact one click. The following screenshot shows us one of these applications:

In this case, how this tool was presented to the common user reminds me of scenes from horror films, those that generate panic anyone. However, I would like to share a few words to appease the users the feeling of fear that can generate this type of malware.

On the one hand, remembering their own common stock of old viruses and Trojans early, it is difficult to realize that the functionality offered by this application are not harmful at all novel, taking some of them more than a decade, as can be found at our history of computerviruses.

Features such as disable logging, or System Restore Task Manager, are present in any current malware. For example, the generator set out in the picture was released in September 2007.

Perhaps, what we do is new in this field, is the ability of this incorporating the current malware detect virtualizedenvironments, as shown in the following screen:

While it is true that this style of harmful applications make creating massive automated malware, especially for inexperienced users and computer literacy, we must not fear or paranoia that allows us to enjoy the use of technology.

We simply have to be vigilant and stop anti-malware security solutions like NOD32 detects these threats proactively since its launch, thanks to its advanced heuristics.

Jorge Mieres for ESET Latinoamérica

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